Step Up Your Monitor Game with Atomos Flame Firmware Updates


Atomos has updated its Flame series firmware, improving color gamut, adding additional HDR support, and more.




While we were out getting drunk off hamburgers, hot dogs, and fireworks, the Australian-based company Atomos released an update to their popular 4K Shogun and Ninja recorders/monitors. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re stacked with features that even impress my cat. (Seriously, he rubs up against my Ninja every time the camera’s out. Is it made from catnip, Atomos? Is it?!)




You can now use the Flame series as an HDR preview monitor or as a playback device on HDR displays.




The latest, dubbed AtomOS7.11, now has HDR support for log video for all current RED Digital Cinema cameras along with JVC’s J-Log gamma curve-that’s good news for JVC LS300 shooters out there.




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