Here’s What You Need to Know About Shooting Big, Brutal Fight Scenes


Although a film about pacifists going wine tasting in Tuscany is just-riveting, nothing beats a good action flick with a lot of brawls.


If you’re gearing up to shoot a fight scene for your project, there is quite a bit to learn before you start, including how to block, choreograph, and edit these high-octane scenes. You can learn a bunch here, here, and here.) Our buddies over at Film Riot explain how they pulled off this excellent action sequence for DJI.


Before we jump into how they did it, here’s the full fight scene:


And here’s Ryan Connolly to explain the techniques and tools they used to shoot this close quarter fight scene:


This sequence was shot on the A7s mounted onto a Ronin M stabilizer, as well as the DJI Osmo, a 4K camera integrated with a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer. These were pretty logical choices of camera given the fact that the space they had was extremely limited.


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