Introducing Xiaomi’s Mi Drone, Which Boasts 4K RAW Shooting for $460


Xiaomi has been teasing us with the details about its first ever quadcopter, and today the Chinese electronics company has officially unveiled the Mi Drone, which shoots 4K and costs less than $500.


The Mi Drone is one of the most inexpensive drones among its competition, offering two versions, a $460 4K model and a $380 1080p model. Compare these price tags to its biggest rival, DJI, the Mi Drone is cheaper than the 4K and 2.7K models of the Phantom 3, which are $650 and $500 respectively.


Xiaomi provided a full list of the Mi Drone’s features on their live-feed today, like RAW shooting, 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, and modular design, which makes easy to transport. Users can also set a flight plan, circle around an object, set endpoints, and avoid flying into no-fly zones.


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