How the First & Final Frames of Your Favorite TV Shows Bookend the Whole Series


As we’ve seen several times, studying the first and final frames of a film can teach you a lot about filmmaking.


They can tie an entire film together from end to end. They can reveal the last piece of a puzzle that had been missing. They can also just – be really, really beautiful. In this supercut, Celia Gómez puts the first and final frames of some of TV’s greatest series side by side, a bookending that stretches way past mere hours of a narrative, but entire years.


There a couple of interesting things that this video essay reveals. For starters, the creators of each series use the first and final frames to speak to their audiences in different ways.


In Mad Men, symmetry plays a big role in the arc of the main character. In the first frame, we see the back of Don Draper’s head, an introduction to a mysterious character that every woman in America will soon be swooning over. In the final, we see him centered in the frame facing the camera – we know him, the mystery is gone, and this is the end of his story.


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