Fixing It in Post: A Case Study in Correcting Shooting Mistakes in the Edit


“We’ll fix it in post.” It’s one of the most dreaded phrases to say in production. But what if you’ve already screwed things up and you have no choice?


Director Lachlan Huddy faced just such a situation — rather, several of them —while shooting his film Guy’s Trade. Below, he details how the seemingly irreparable mistakes he made while filming became salvageable once the project moved into post.


We shot Guy’s Trade, our Tropfest-shortlisted pseudo-documentary about a state-employed vampire hunter, in one day on two mismatched cameras, capturing audio between my FS-700’s onboard recorder and a five-year-old Fostex, and lighting on the fly with three of the crappiest eBay LEDs $90 could buy. It was a raw, scrappy, invigorating shoot. We ran. We gunned.


We screwed some things up.


Botched coverage. Blown focus. Uncooperative props.


In the edit, the only choice was to think sideways and get creative. Check out our short and then read on to three of the biggest screw-ups we had to conquer to get it on-screen:


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