Learn How to Film Captivating Scenes from Director Brandon Li at This Year’s CineSummit


Filmmaking is a craft that takes a lifetime to never master.


However, through practice, tenacity, and dedicating yourself to learning everything you can about the magic of moving images, you can help yourself get closer to being the filmmaker you want to be.


Director/DP Brandon Li, who has 6 Vimeo Staff Picks to his name, is presenting at this year’s CineSummit, the largest free online filmmaking workshop in the world, and he will be offering a bunch of great tips for filmmakers looking to bolster their storytelling skills. CineSummit founder Aviv Vana has shared a small portion of his presentation in the video below:


Li’s Vimeo page is full of videos that demonstrate his impeccable ability to capture beautiful images. Here’s a video he did revealing the daily activities of the nomadic Kazakh people of Western Mongolia.


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