6 Hollywood Studio Executives Discuss the State of the Film Industry

The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with the major studio chiefs for an hour-long discussion of the state of the industry, and while it’s definitely worth watching, because we love you so much, we went ahead and put together a list of 3 takeaways from the video, featuring Donna Langley (Chairman, Universal Pictures), Tom Rothman (Chairman, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group), Rob Moore (Vice Chair, Paramount Pictures), Stacey Snider (Co-Chairman, 20th Century Fox), Alan Horn (Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios), and Rob Friedman (Co-Chair, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group) and moderated by Pamela McClintock and Kim Masters, Editor-at-Large and Senior Film Writer for THR, respectively.

Their discussion ran the gamut from cyber-terrorism to Star Wars and all points in between, and since an arthouse film is just as much a part of the culture as a superhero flick, its worth checking out the state of the industry, and listening in on the equivalent of a meeting of the five families from, fittingly, the second Godfather film.


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