‘Sankofa’ is a Rare Mix of Genres that Asks Important Questions About Recorded Media

Whether we like it or not, as filmmakers we are creating historical documents. But what is more important, a personal experience or recorded history? Human history, experience and memory provide the lush backdrop for Sankofa, a documentary/sci-fi/found footage film from Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher.

Centered around a woman on a mission to reclaim Earth’s history, Sankofa is a film about memories, how we view ourselves and what it means to observe history through a camera lens versus experiencing it firsthand. While the narrative is confined to one room, its experimental elements are bursting with life and the film itself becomes a living document of what it means to be human. I spoke to the first time filmmaker about how Sankofa found its form and what he learned along the way.

Here I was trying to make a movie that, simply put, asks the question: What’s the point of making movies?


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