QuantumFilm Is an Exciting New Sensor Technology that Results in Higher Dynamic Range

California-based startup InVisage is looking to revolutionize the image sensor industry with QuantumFilm, its proprietary nano-coating material that results in sharper images with higher dynamic range and more naturalistic motion.

The problem with traditional CMOS sensors arises in the fact that silicon-coated sensors become more inefficient at transmitting light as they become more pixel-dense, which is a natural byproduct of consumers’ demand for higher and higher resolution cameras. The engineers at InVisage have developed a material that they call QuantumFilm, which should alleviate this problem entirely.

Here’s how it works:


InVisage is also working on a technology called QuantumCinema, which has the goal of bringing cinema quality and higher dynamic range to smartphone camera sensors. Here’s the description of QuantumCinema’s underlying technology from the InVisage site.

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