What is Alchemical Media?

What is Alchemical Media?Why Alchemical Media?


I frequently get asked questions about the name of my company – the way to spell it, etc. I frequently get the idea that my brand and logo design are a complete mystery to most people I meet. Read on should you be wondering and you wish to know the intent of my alchemy…


What exactly is this Alchemy?


Alchemy is regarded as a precursor to the scientific method that we now have today – a protoscience. Various parts of the practice laid the foundations for the scientific procedure that we currently undertake. Even so, clearly there was more mysticism included, which could promptly differentiate it from the modern-day descendant. Such being the days, alchemy appeared to be a lot more involved in the spiritual sphere compared with whatever used in the recent past.


This particular company’s moniker is in no way symptomatic of firm belief in, nor approval for the esoteric or perhaps magical ideas which original alchemists owned.


Why instead is based on symbolism.


The most significant preoccupations of the alchemist was developing one way to transmute base metals into noble metals which includes gold and silver. The thought that you could construct gold from lead is exactly what prompted me to consider this particular brand.


The simple truth is, it’s really a symbolic representation. Lemonade from lemons. An item worthwhile from a little something even less so. Some thing uncommon provided by anything way more commonplace.


Bringing what most of us currently have and working this into a little something associated with enormous worth is set in the very center of the brand name. What’s something you have that should be gathered, dusted off, and affected with some spot of special sauce to help make something of very good worth?


Uniqueness – a combination of know-how that not one other man or woman possesses ever had, hopefully sprinkled with small pieces of perception that could be polished for you to come alive.


In short: Story.


I got mine. I bet you have your own. All too often it becomes missing in the mix up… Paradoxically, this is the sole thing that you connect with in each other. However since it may not be taken straight away, many of us disregard it all.


When you have identified someone’s story, you will have related to them, and for a moment you are in synchronization. So frequently, events involving the world can certainly rebound off of our force-field of I’mWayTooBusyToCareAboutThat.


We now have an awful lot on our plates, plus there is far too much in this world only for a part of a % to register on the radars.


And yet… Those that many of us relate to – stuff that can certainly produce a stir in us, make us chuckle, make us weep, provoke people to feel as though we will burst because of overwhelming joy… these people get in touch with individuals by having story.


Accurately built and also taken care of, you can set up a story from your own lifespan that are able to affect, coach, move, and encourage other folks… which is certainly Real Gold.


At this point check out my brand name in addition to my emblem again. Do you know that nothing on there is unplanned?


That’s information on how we conduct marketing.


Be sure to discuss your observations as well as talk about what you just looked over!

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